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The best time to write blog now is while having lunch

Everytime after a long lull I write a blog, I make a promise to myself that from this moment onwards I shall be regular in blogging' but the historical evidence contradicts me terribly.

So now I have decided to blog everyday while having lunch and ginger tea at Cafe on my MotoQ9h.

With some really cool music playing in the background' I suppose it is quite a conducive environment for blogging.

Also by the time I come down to grab a bite, most of the people are back to their desks;

This time I wanna contradict history!

By default, I updated my resume on one of the premium Job-sites exactly after 7 years of creating my profile on it.

All of a sudden, finding that after washing my clothes I dont have anything really worthwhile to do on a sunday, I again decided to perk my ass in front of the lappy, this time not to work but to do some general surfing,after a long long time.

All of a sudden it dawned at me that I have not updated my resume for a very long time and since then my responsibilities have increased many folds.
Apparently, I update my resume on only one job portal which has hold me in good stead since last 7 odd years.
So when I finished updating my resume on that site, on the right-hand corner it said that the resume was created on 13th of July 2002, so its exactly 7 years since I created the resume on that site and just by default, I am updating it also after exactly 7 years of creating it...
I got the first big break of my career after creating my resume on this site, will history repeat itself after 7 years???

Holding my breath....

Where the hell I was?

Well, That sthe question I am asking after looking at the date of the last blog published by me.
After acquiring a new Moto Q9h and a Blackberry I presumed that life would be more convenient, at least as far as the blogging is concerned.

But then, As they say it all about motivation.
And I was too mired up in the good things which were occurring in my life that I just wanted to let every bit of them happen before writing about them.
And here I am....
And it took one of my school-mates to make me realise that I have a blog also and I have dumped it as an old girl-friend.
But then this is about a marriage and not a flirtation, so am back miss...
Thanks J.Sanjay !!!