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Polyester Prince: Dhirubhai Ambani

I read it somewhere that there are some books which need to be chewed and some books to be chewed and digested..After searching a lot, I finally managed to lay my hands on this elusive book on the life of one-and-only "Dhirubhai".I have just read it once and I guess I need to chew it and then again try to digest it and If I manage to do it, I will not only be a more learned perosn but also may be a lot more successful.Might be one of the reason, why they banned this book. They did not want so many "Dhirubhai", otherwise who would respect all these petty criminal MPs and MLAs..... This is India, my dear friend.But do read this book and try to digest this...

Twikini : And am loving it..

Twikini, Its the new Twitter mobile client for Windows Smart Phone that I have been using since today morning and am absolutely loving it.

Very user friendly, different skins to customize the apps according to your mood, you can play your fav song on the phone and the app will automatically tweet that to the world. Tweeting, RT and Opening the URL are a breeze.

And am still discovering the app...

The app has settled down quite well with the OS, though I have not booted the phone after the installation.

And very cute alarm of new tweets, seems like you have a bird tweeting in your pocket itself.

And you know, how the word "Twikini" came into existence, Twi(tter)+(Bik)ini.

Amazing isnt it?

Would keep on posting abt this wonderful app...

Twikini : Windows Mobile client of Tweeter

After the last night harrowing experience with Tiny Tweeter, I started the search for a new mobile client for my Windows Mobile- Motorola Q9h phone.

And I stumbled upon "Twikini" for Windows Mobile Phone. After reading the website I was more inclined towards giving it a try.

Some cool features of Twikini-:

1. Integrated with Twitpic, so you can post your photos from the phone itself.

2. Windows media player integration, let the people know which song you are listening to.

Kinda a cool, which was missing in the Tiny Tweet.

Shall let you know how my trist with Twikini is going on.

If you wanna check the details too, then click on the following link-

Happy Tweeting!!!

The bug in Tiny Tweeter- Tweeter Mobile client for Windows Mobile

Well, It all went quite well for a couple of hours and then my phone jammed like a cantilever flung into a gear.

The very first obvious reaction is to hard-boot it and I tried that for at least 10 times but as soon as the application will start loading, it will again hang and then again I will remove the cover of my new Motorola Q9h and will boot it.

This became quite frustrating and I resolved that unless I solve it I wont call it a day and Then I tried removing the Storage card on which the application were stored and installed, the phone worked quite fine. I did also manage to run a virus scan after 2 attempts and it showed nothing.

All this while I tried to connect to net through Opera too but apparently the GPRS link was down and then it striked me that it may happen that as soon as the phone boots, Tiny Tweeter starts searching for the connectivity and after not finding the link up, it gets so busy in trying it out that it jams the phone.

I waited for some time and then again I tri…

Tiny Tweet mobile client for Tweeter

I just searched for an application for Twitter which is more easy to use than that on the Fring application which I currently use.

And bingo I stumbled upon Tiny Tweeter and tested it and it works coolly on my Motorola Q9h. Just to be on the safer side, I hard booted my device too.

Quite happy withthe performance and ease of use of the application.

Guess, A die-hard Tweeter should check it at least once.....

Happy Tweeting Folks...

Best Offer: Could not help posting it...

Its a cut-copy-paste job from somebody's profile on Tweeter, but just could not resist myself...As have been part of the Telecom industry from last more than 5 years.....

"Best offer-: Ab Rs5 ke recharge pe Rs5000 ka talktime, 100 saal ki validity.

Call 0.01p/min,1000000sms free.

For detail"

The Strategy needs to be tweaked- The 3 Musketeers

Only thing permanent is change and same goes true for strategy too.

I envisaged a strategy to include mobile and personal computers into the scheme of things of my original business plan but then a spark of enlightenment says that one more screen which captures the eye-ball of a common man is the television and I completely missed that out.

I mean, how could I have done that??

Ha ha .....

Integration could not happen if you are not capturing the eye-balls which is staring at the television screen for long hours and more than that, you need to be omni-present in the consumer's mind and it is such a big and important medium to be ignored.

Now how to integrate the all 3 into my scheme of things- the three musketeers- mobile,PC and TV.

Thats the challenge and the success depends on how well I integrate that or If I am even able to do that or not.....

Lets see....The fun begins

Racial attacks on Indian Students in Australia : You reap, what you sow.

The common terminology for the Mumbaikars for all those persons coming to the city for livelihood from UP and Bihar is "Bhaiya".

And almost everyone uses that lingo in this city, irrespective of social or commercial status. Now, I strongly feel that it as as dirty as using the word "Black" in racial comments. After all in both the cases, you are discriminating on the basis of caste-creed or the color of the skin.

If you want to take the full count of Bombay population the aboriginals of Bombay live somewhere near the Koliwadas of Cuffe-Parade and other southern tips of city and you can count them on your finger-tips.
Rest all the ones are migrants, even the "Original Marathi Manoos" conceptualised by the Thackeray&Company, they settled down from elsewhere in Bombay from other parts of Maharashtra.

Now why this tirade against only the people who have come from UP&Bihar and may be other northern states?
Are all the Gujaratis native of Bombay??? Why not …

Racial attacks on Indian Students in Australia: Time to exorcise our own demons

It is absolutely condemnable, what is happening in Australia right now.

Australia might just have to pay a tough price economically as India is a much bigger economy than her, and here is the irony that in spite of being a bigger economy people look to migrate to Australia to get bigger paying jobs and a better living standards.

Indian finance and economy ministers should twist the arm of their counterparts a bit in order to bring sanity into the minds of the monsters who are wreaking havoc and playing with people's lives over there.

While we condemn the attacks on our brethren in Australia, it is high time that we put our house in order too. Before we point fingers to a foreign country, let us first introspect that,what we have done in our own country to remove racial hatred of a different kind ( as obscene as geography). This is definitely much uglier than what is happening in Australia right now.

They are on wrong side of law protesting the loss of jobs and opportunities against s…