We need our own anthem !!!

The other day myself, Josh and Amit were sitting and chatting at Josh's abode. Like all such occasions the things do turn to guitar and almost half of our time is spent singing and playing guitar(Josh plays it).

Well, some of the songs are our eternal favs and sometimes we do try the new one. But this time, a new thought striked Josh, to have our own anthem. A song which is related about our lives, rather which is about our lives.
A song which we can call our own and which could be an integral part of our regular meetings.

Well, being an owner of 3.5 years old blog with almost 490 blogs on it definitely has one advantage, it can qualify you as a writer (though this crap does not even worth an anonymous blog). Guess, some people do believe that Shit written is definitely better than shit not ever written.

Hence this magnanimous job has been entrusted to me by my dear friends, to get an anthem for us..

And with all humbleness, I accept this grandiose opportunity and honour bestowed on me and I will definitely try at least not to make them laugh.

More coming on my tryst with lyricism.......


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