After quite a long time today, I finished a book in few hours. Though the initial idea was to finish it before the day ends, but then book seemed to be quite an engrossing one and it was almost un-putdownable from the beginning;apart from the customary breaks.

Well, while browsing through the book-shelves of a book-store, the name of the book which caught my attraction and then after I read the brief in few secs, I decided to buy it.

The other positive criteria was that it was written by a fellow from IIM-Bangalore who himself has served top-notch positions in various MNC Banks and also, so far I have read couple of more books by people who have graduated from IIMs and I liked all of them.

The latest of them is "Keep off the grass" and prior to that was "Joker in the pack", both of them thoroughly enjoyable reads.

In that sense, this book kept the reputation of "IIM- Writers" still intact.

Great job done by Ravi Subramanian in writing this piece, absoultely loved it while devouring.

Shall recommend to everyone, specially people in Sales or Financial Industry, they shall be able to identify more clearily.

Well, what about the night...........I have a book by the legendary "Subroto Bagchi" to finish and his books are always the "Start-to-finish" books and hence am gonna finish it tonight only.


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