I know what my second company will do !!! :-)

People familiar with me will think that have gone berserk, guess I have.

Even before PriceSticker is up and running, I am already thinking and working( if you devote time to a thought, then you can safely call it "working") on my next venture.
Well "Education" is one of the biggest industry in our country and presents a tremendous opportunity to connect with the Youth of this country, who now consists most of our population (most of the population is less than 30 years of age, have been poor with statistics).
While you connect with these guys and gals at an early age, you have a distinct advantage as these are the people who are going to be tomorrow's money spenders and consumers and are most tech-savvy.

Its very common-sense that, if you have to catch your customer then better catch them young and thats what am gonna do, your relationship has a better chance of survival then.

A talk with one of my close friend yesterday night after ages got this spark flying and if all goes well, we shall do this together.

Sleeping has been a tough task since last night, after we discussed mutual plans and its gonna be the same for the days to come.

You feel like a kid which has just got a new toy and cant keep his hands off that, even while sleeping.
The name of my second company will be as maverick as the first one (PriceSticker) and we will do some really cool stuff over there too...

Have you ever run on parallel tracks simultaneously?? Neither have I but then time is too short and so much to be done, I may give it a shot!!!


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