Raj Thakrey challenging the “Non Marathi” intruders in Mumbai after the entire operation is over.


Anonymous said…
Monday, December 22, 2008
Raj Thackeray , World's Mad Person, Chutiya of Maharashtra
Raj Thackeray worlds mad person ,
Raj Thackeray World's Mad Person, Chutiya of Maharashtra,
He is world's gandoo people, If you want to know more about this Desh Drohi.
This person want to divide our india in two parts, with language and religions as Marathi and Hindi.
We are one and only one in india as Indian.
If a person come to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, then we don't want that the person will go back to his region.
But if we go to maharastra then why raj thakrey want the person go back to his region, maharastra is not different country, it is in India and we are indian so we are always free to do a job or business in any part of india.
Raj Thakrey gandoo said that hindi films will not to made in maharashtra then why bollywood is staying there...............We have many places in india for making movies. but raj thakrey remember one thing, you have to show only marathi movies in your theaters not a single hindi movie.

I am making this blog becuase the person named raj thakrey has gone mad and can be sent to a mad house in maharastra, i have seen "a wednesday" a movie starred by nassiruddin sah.........so i am writing this blog, if you had any confusion let me know once.

A wednesday is a super movie for a common people, so jago india jaao and we are hindoo and muslims are not different, we are common man, want a terror free india.

So ban this Raj Thakrey, this is not a leader just a mad person need some treatment.

If any person will come to support this raj thackrey, the person will also arrested.

This is my humble request to government of india and maharastra, i am begging from Mayawati Ji, you have not given a single word on this, please say some thing. bcz u r the CM of india's largest state that is UP .

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