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Golmaal Returns: Nothing moves even after 1 month of 26/11 attack on Mumbai !!!

One of the leading dailies of today rightly mentioned the "U-Turn" by Pakistan as "Golmaal Returns" after he made all the promises of bringing the terrorists operating from his soil in control and eliminating them....
It happened after the attack on Parliament on 13th Dec 2001 and it is happening just now also. Basically its not Pakistan's fault, they are just exploiting our weakness....
We are spine-less and hence we are led by a bunch of people who are spine-less themselves (After all, we elected them) and lack any form of conviction apart from their own well-being...
We have almost forgotten what happened, apart from occasional articles in the news-papers and seems no-one is bothered....
Pakistaani know this habit of ours very well and they exploit it also very well......same like this time....
Where are all those more than 1 Lac people who marched on Gateway on 3rd of Dec, I just need a couple of them to attack Pakistan and avenge the dis-honour....
Or was that m…

And am playing my song...... again :-)

I have mentioned elsewhere also on this blog about this queer habit of mine........If I am hooked to a song, I shall play it till the moment I get bored of it.....
So tonight I downloaded one song " Tum hi dekho na......" and I must have played it so far 25 times already on my lappy and it still sounds so fresh.....
And am still playing my song.....

Read it somewhere.....

I don't need to be anything other than a prison guard's son
I don't need to be anything other than a specialist's son
I don't have to be anyone other than a birth of two souls in one
Part of where I'm going is knowing where I'm coming from

I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me

I'm surrounded by liars everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by imposters everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by a identity crisis everywhere I turn
Am I the only one to notice?
I can't be the only one who's learned

I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be

Tumhi dekho na......

What a song..........
tumhi dekho na yeh kya ho gaya tumhara hoon main aur tum meri 
main hairaan hoon tumhen kya kahu ke din mein hui kaisi chaandani jaagi jaagi si hai phir bhi khwaabon mein hai khoyi khoyi zindagi 
tumhi dekho na yeh kya ho gaya tumhara hoon main aur tum meri
behke behke se mann mehke mehke se tann ujli ujli fizzaon mein hai aaj ham hai jahaan kitni ranginiyan chhalki chhalki nigaahon mein hai neeli neeli ghataaon se hai chhan rahi halki halki roshni
tumhi dekho na yeh kya ho gaya tumhara hoon main aur tum meri 
main hairaan hoon tumhen kya kahu ke din mein hui kaisi chaandani main toh anjaan thi yun bhi hoga kabhi pyar barsega yun toot ke sach yeh ikraar hai sach yahi pyar hai baaki bandhan hai sab jhuth ke meri saanson mein hai ghul rahi pyar ki dheemi dheemi raagini
tumhi dekho na yeh kya ho gaya tumhara hoon main aur tum meri main hairaan hoon tumhen kya kahu ke din mein hui kaisi chaandani jaagi jaagi si hai phir bhi khwaabon mein hai khoyi khoyi zindagi


On this day..

1 year ago RBS paid $100.0bn for ABN Amro.

For this amount it could NOW BUY:

Citibank $22.5bn
Morgan Stanley $10.5bn
Goldman Sachs $21.0bn
Merrill Lynch $12.3bn
Deutsche Bank $13.0bn
Barclays $12.7bn

And still have $8.0bn change......for which you would be able to pick up GM, Ford, Chrysler and the Honda F1 Team!

How the scenario changes in just one year..... 

"Raju" chal hat jaa baju.....

Mr. B. Ramalinga Raju has been one of the poster boys of Indian Industry since the advent of Indian Software industry and like millions, I held him in very high self-esteem, but itall changed this week.
Its un-imaginable that it could happen in such a big supposed to be responsible corporate like Satyam....
Still its un-fathomable that how can Mr. Raju agree to spend USD1.6 billion of share-holders money to bail out his son's companies....And just listen to the argument, he wants to de-risk his existing software business by investing USD 1.6 billion cash in construction companies when the entire real-estate sector itself in doldrums.....and that too the companies owned by his son....
How irresponsible........"Raju".....
Its time that shareholders take the management in their hand of Satyam and remove Mr. B Ramalinga Raju....
Raju, chal hat jaa baju....

I am a Soilder......

I am a soilder not afraid to die,
Three stars on my shoulder are better than the billon in the sky,
shall i die in combat zone,
box me up and send me home,
put all the medals on my chest,
and tell my mom i did my best,
for glory lights the soilers tomb,
and beauty wipes the brave,
tell all the pretty girls not to cry,
for soilder i was and soldier i die....

Auld Lang Syne!!!!

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old times since ?CHORUS:For auld lang syne, my dear,for auld lang syne,we'll take a cup of kindness yet,for auld lang syne.And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !
And surely I’ll buy mine !
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.CHORUSWe two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine ;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.CHORUSWe two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine ;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.CHORUSAnd there’s a hand my trusty friend !
And give us a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.CHORUS

Sooooorrrry the iPhone 3G is not available today????

Without doubt it was "the most" exciting launch in the mobile industry in India this year. There were news that a couple of mavericks stood in the que overnight to get the hands on the first iPhone to be sold.....
Apparently, Apple and their network partners (Airtel prominently) anticipated a huge rush of demand for the iconic product and lined up huge stocks for sale, but in the end it almost fell a thud, considering the level of excitement and anticipation the product was generating...
So day before yesterday, while out there in the market-place on a routine visit, I found this poster on one of the Airtel Relationship Centre, in a far-flung remote area stating "Sorry, The iPhone 3G is not available today"......
This shows that they had anticipated such huge demands for the product that there would be stock-out positions, with people still queing -up for product and to inform them they had to print such a poster....
Well, things actually dint go according to their way…

So all quite now.....Things fall to routine after 26/11, eventually!!!

After more than 2 weeks since the dastardly attack on Mumbai on 26/11, it seems everything has dwindled down to a mere whisper.
Major newspaper are carrying a bit of item related to attack here and there, TV channels have gone busy with what they do best, carrying of political items, Politicians are back to their good old rhetorics and we are again busy with our lives....
What happened to all those people who gathered on Gateway on 3rd of Dec to protest against the attacks and the system and vowed to avenge the attacks??? Where have all those people gone??
Was it a mere flash in the pan?? 
Thats the problem with us, suddenly we find ourselves on street in a rush of emotions and by next day the boiling emotions are as cool as Arctic ice. And we soon forget everything till the moment there is another attack and and another few hundred people are killed.
Thats why these politicians are thriving because they know that our memory is very short and basically we lack the will and eventually we wi…

Pakistani Prime Minister molesting a female co-worker !!!

Meet A Hero--Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan- NSG- Special Action Group

Sandeep Unnikrishnan (March 17, 1977 – November 28, 2008) was a Major in the Indian Army serving in the elite National Security Guards (NSG) who was led his life in an encounter with terrorists in November 2008 Mumbai attacks. 
"Do not come up, I will handle them." These were probably the last words which Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan told his men as he was hit by bullets while engaging terrorists inside the Taj Hotel, Mumbai during the Black Tornado operation. 
During the operation, when a commando got injured Major Unnikrishnan arranged for his evacuation and started chasing the terrorists himself. The terrorists escaped to another floor of the hotel and during the chase Major Unnikrishnan was seriously injured and succumbed to his injuries.Family
He hails from a family settled in Bangalore that had migrated from Cheruvannur - Kozhikode district, Kerala He was the only son of retired ISRO officer Mr. K. Unnikrishnan and Mrs. Dhanalakshmi.Childhood
Major Unnikirshnan spent 14 year…

Raj Thakrey challenging the “Non Marathi” intruders in Mumbai after the entire operation is over.


Mumbai, Its not the time to light candle;Its the time to light an inferno!!!

Yesterday more than a 100,000 people gathered at Gateway and expressed their anguish and frustration on the events of past few days or shall I say years or shall I say decades, I dont know.
Finally it blew the lid and it was the making of a history, it has never happened in India and it shall be remembered for a long time to come...
But whats the outcome? Everybody just shouted slogans and put placards accusing the politicians, what do they think it shall change the things for Mubai and India? Huh......
If these morons would have been so sensitive to our needs and emotions then a day like 26/11 would have never happened only. They would have been just sitting inside their houses and watching with amusement the rally ( nothing more than a drama for them, like commented by a Son-of-a-bitch called Abbas Ali Naqvi) and by today morning not even the after-shocks would have been felt.
Fellow Men and Women, Its not the time to light a candle and gather for a march. Its time to pick up the gun an…

Gateway Rally- Mumbai on 3rd of Dec 2008


Enough is Enough: Gateway Rally of Mumbai on 3rd Dec 2008


Kerala CM Achyutanandan, You would have been worse than a dog if people like Mr. Unnikrishnan would not have elected you..

It's nobody's fault if Kerala's CM Achuthanandan passed that comment for a martyr like Major Unnikrishnan's family. Its the fault of people like us who selected that scoundrel as a Chief Minister.
Are all Keralites born an Enunch?
 How can they are still tolerating a CM like Achuthanandan, throw that dog out. Throw that dog out, if all you keralites have any respect for Martyr Maj. Unnikrishnan.
Or else, all you keralites you are as much guilty as that dog Achuthanandan. 
His statement tells the very fact that why he was there, he was not there to pay homage but to score brownie points like all politicians. That dog is filled of apathy even towards a martyr. 
And actually its a shame on all the Keralites and Lacs of people of Kerals who voted for that anonynous dog and God knows why they are still tolerating him even after such a shameful statement for a Martyr's family.
Kerala CM Achuthanandan would have pissed in his "lungi" only if he would have stood there …

Ritesh Deshmukh's Blunder by inviting Ram Gopal Varma at Taj- Papa kehte hain Bete ne resign karwa diya"

Vilasrao Deshmukh still would have escaped the guillotine  after the resignation of the " 4 Futya" RR Patil but his blunder of allowing his son and the film-maker Ram Gopal Varma on his official visit of Taj to be the final straw.
Finally about an hour back his resignation has been accepted and tomorrow there will be a new CM in Maharastra.
That particular incident just only maginified the sense of apathy among our politicians regarding the attack on Mumbai on 26/11. I mean how can a CM can even think of taking along his son and a filmmaker to such a tragic site on his official visit, as long as he is totaaly numb to the magnitude of the events which happened on 26/11.
For Vilasrao it seemeed one more excursion......ridiculous!!!!
Ram Gopal Varma, film-makers are always known to cash-on the opportunity of such tragedies but you proved yourself worse than a dog by your action....Even a dog would have first shed tears for few days on such a big tragedy..... Somebody needs to check …