Read and try to absorb.......(Churaya hua hai)

Hopelessness of desires is what engulfs me

Some questions just have no answers.

Neither my aspirations, nor my inspirations take me to the shores of the islands of 

no labyrinth.

Can't live with, nor without,

Perhaps, it's this hopelessness that'll lead me to the ray of hope

Hope to embark on a mission, mission that changes the way I think

Or the way i perceive and receive my life,

I wish to wait…

Wait to see the light at the end of this tunnel I am walking through

This place is an abyss but I still wish to "wait"

Wait for this eclipse to wipe way the shadow casting darkness.

I still can smile, pretend, apprehend and shine as a diamond

I can fight my fate, and open up this gate of mystical nature

I can feel the beauty around me, appreciate them, and negate them

I can hear the musical notes, whispering it out in my ears.

My loneliness speaks out to me, and I can calm myself.

I am my friend, and friend to all my friends,

I wear gold, and eat silver and shine diamond

But, my questions are still unanswered.

And i still wish to wait.


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