Finally I saw her........

I have else-where in this blog have written about my early college days crush on actress Sonali Bendre. How the two Abhisheks, One myself and other of the Computer Science Engg Deptt had the huge crush on Sonali Bendre.

Walls of our rooms were adorned with posters of only one girl and that was Sonali, that was the extent of our crush on her. During those college days we always used to wonder whether we shall be able to see her in flesh or not.

Finally both of us landed separately in Bombay, and the first question I asked him after meeting was whether he managed a glimpse of Sonali or not and sadly he said, "No".

After a few months he moved to US and myself here in Bombay continued chasing that elusive dream of seeing Sonali in person.

Finally it came true yesterday night when I spotter her along with her husband, Goldie Behl, Rithik Roshan and his wife Suzanne. I was so elated to see her finally.

Though with time the crush did melt-down but her place in a corner of my heart was still there.

It all happened for few moments after almost 13 years but then guess it was worth the wait....Like most of the things in life....

Made my day or night or whatever...... :-)


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