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"Mentos" khilaao, dimaag ki batti jalwao-: The Story of Mr.Jaiswal

This is a story of a Duty Manager at one of my Stores, his name is Mr.Jaiswal.

All throughout my career what the most I enjoyed is training,coaching and motivating my team. That gives me immense pleasure. though not ecentric but sometimes my way of training have been a bit unusual.

Now back to Mr.Jaiswal, the guy has good product knowledge, not exactly a "selu" but quite decent in his job and soberly presentable. The only problem with the guy was that he used to commit a lot many silly mistakes in spite of reminding him regularly of the consequences, which could be grave at some times.

Mr.Jaiswal like a teeny-bopper used to throw both the professional as well as the personal advice down the drain and this used to irk me a lot sometimes.

On one of my Store Audit visits, I found some of his very silly mistakes and pointed out to him, with the instructions to shape-up by my next visit.
And here he was on the next visit too, committing the same mistakes.

Prior to that on two EOD visit…