Barso re Megha.......

It has been raining since past four days and ends one of the longest dry spells after the initial rains.

Water cuts are already into place with the load shedding looming over the head. Already rest of Maharashtra is experiencing load shedding of almost ten hours daily. At least this rain has brought much needed solace to the city of Bombay.

Thankfully the news is that water levels in the dams have gone up and am sure if it rains incessantly as its been raining now, the dams will surely overflow.

Every rainy season my thoughts dwindle back to those two years of mine spent in Agriculture industry, when the rain was waited with baited breath as industry's and farmer's future depended on it and the first rains used to bring very hectic activities in ours and farmers lives.

I still remember once in Aurangabad, the rains showered late at night and by the morning their was husge que to purchase our brand of seeds and within couple of hours we exhausted four truck loads of hybrid corn seeds and were stock out.

In no other industry you can see your product flying off the shelf, in fact they just disappeared. It used to give us so immense happiness which can't be described in rhetoric.

And I know this rain of past four days are welcomed by famers in same spirit.

"Jai Kisan"

Long live the farmer!


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