US$200Billion v/s US$178 Billion

I mean how ironical, the investors who stay put on bourses lost USD200 billion in four days and a man managed to mop up USD 178 billion in the same time, almost the same.

I was eagerly waiting the newspapers of today to finally get the final figure of the amont of money invested by everyone in the Reliance IPO, and its mind-boggling USD178 billion. In all it got over-subscribed by 72 times. The retail investors itself put money close to 50k crores, more than 4 times the total issue size....

And I would love to put all the comparative figures put by the newspapers in resonance of this historic occassion, but guess its enough what I wrote.

I dont think that Anil Ambani would be happy with it, he must be dis-appointed that the Reliance IPO dint get USD200 billion, and he might be planning to cross that magical figure with another one from his stable already.

And as for all the people who made the application in the IPO, including my Dad and my Brother-in-law, they are keeping their fingers crossed till the allotment is done...


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