Everybody's singing in India !!!

Music knows no boundaries, cast or creed. But it does not getter any bigger here in India guess.

Switch on any TV channel during the weekend and you will get to know what am talking, so from toddlers, to teenage kids to adults, TV actors to fans of Kishore Kumar fans; everybody is singing and somebody surely getting all the moolah in his bank account.

Wht to give anybody's else example, my own father doesnot misses any of the episode and keeps on surfing channel during the weekends, getting himself in tune to the various shows, simultaneously!!!

I often wonder that I missed it by few years, otherwise I would have been also singing by this time but guess would have to get contented by listening to other contestants.

But yes, these singing competitions are much better than those "Saas-Bahu" serials, where there is nothing but bitching is there....

So am not compalining at all, finally there is something worth switching on your TV....


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