Eureka or Eurekas???

Almost everybody has been asking me that whats the idea or whats the concept?

First thing, I am not an inventor, which can have a great idea or something.

I am a businessman, who wants to make money and thats why I have decided to become an entrepreneur.

Since the entrepreneurship bug beat me, it was never about a single idea or concept, it was always about a string of ideas, woven together under a common domain, ultimately creating a big picture.

So its about ambition to create something beyond a single idea or concept, the reasons are simple...You create an entity which is much bigger than a "single idea" one and most important of all you de-risk the model; for everyone and most important for yourself.

As an entrepreneur, you want to succeed and chances are better if you have more than one "workable idea", under a common domain.

An inventor, who wants to just bring the potential of his "billion dollar" idea to the world could operate on that "single big one".

And here where the differences exist, I want to build a business;as an entrepreneur.

So I look for an opportunity, a bigger opportunity than a single idea or concept and then work hard towards it.

So what do you think is important for an entrepreneur, a single idea or a string of ideas under the umbrella of a bigger opportunity.....

Ladies&Gentlemen, Your comments are highly solicited...........To make myself at peace....Thanks in advance...


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