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Why only Doctors and MBBS Students for compulsory rural service???

Mr. Ramadoss, you are the captain of the ship and have been advocating for this thought that all medical students should have a one year rural stint as a part of their curriculum. Just a very simple question to you........ HOW MANY HOURS HAVE YOU SPENT IN RURAL INDIA TRYING TO IMPROVE THE STATE OF HEALTH CARE?
I mean one should lead from the example, specially if you are so convinced about something that you are ready to hold on with the concept inspite of wide nation level protests and anguish.
But like all the misfits manning the government ministries, Mr.Ramadoss does not believe in walking the talk and has turned a deaf year towards the students protests.
Hey, lets not blame that gentleman;he has more important work to do in his life like bringing a special resolution in the Parliament against the AIIMS director just for the sake of settling the personal grudge.
Having a few Doctors in my family and some of my friends in the same noble profession, I have seen what it takes to be a Doc…

Poor show this year......

Like so many things which went wrong this year and were in shambles in my life(There were so many positive things which also happened), my blog-writing has been one of those.

On since last 2.5 years, this has been one of the most poor show in as many years, which I desperatley want to rectify in the coming year.

But yes, the year is not over and in a desperate attempt to salvage some of the self-pride, am gonna write with a renewed vigour till the clock strucks 12 on the night of 31st of December 2007.

So keep visiting and watch out.....

"Na Chodnu"- :The story of Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey (Param Vir Chakra), 1/11 Gorkha Rifles - Posthumously

Colonel Lalit Rai on Captain Manoj Pandey:On July 2 we got orders to clear up some of the enemy positions in Khalabar in the Batalik sector. We travelled for 14 hours on foot and were short of 400 metres from our aim when there was suddenly heavy fire on our column. The fire came from two directions, from the top and other from the side. At that time Manoj was with me and we had barely sixty men with us. We had lots of casualties. We split the men available. Thirty came with me and the rest went with Manoj. Being the commanding officer I chose the difficult one on the top. I told Manoj to handle the fire from the left. My own assessment was that there would be only two bunkers there. But later we found that there were six sangars. That was the last time I saw this brave officer alive. Even while he was going towards his mission, bullets were flying past us. He told me not to worry as he would be able to finish his task. Later on the soldiers told me that when he came to know that the…

Eureka or Eurekas???

Almost everybody has been asking me that whats the idea or whats the concept?

First thing, I am not an inventor, which can have a great idea or something.

I am a businessman, who wants to make money and thats why I have decided to become an entrepreneur.

Since the entrepreneurship bug beat me, it was never about a single idea or concept, it was always about a string of ideas, woven together under a common domain, ultimately creating a big picture.

So its about ambition to create something beyond a single idea or concept, the reasons are simple...You create an entity which is much bigger than a "single idea" one and most important of all you de-risk the model; for everyone and most important for yourself.

As an entrepreneur, you want to succeed and chances are better if you have more than one "workable idea", under a common domain.

An inventor, who wants to just bring the potential of his "billion dollar" idea to the world could operate on that "single bi…