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The most difficult thing in business is to make decisions, any business leader will vouch for that. You can go right and it can do wonders for your organisation and its future and if you go wrong, you might lose a once-a-lifetime opportunity, but then you never have too much time to delibrate on the same at peace.

This has been one of the most important lessons in management and business I have learnt in my last 9 months of entrepreurship. How to make decisions and how to take them quickly, coz the world does not give you enough time to delibrate upon them.

Today also, I am faced with couple of crucial business decisions which shall impact the organisation, again it could be good or bad, but then only future can tell about it, but today I am faced with a difficult choice to make one, and am still not sure about it.

Have a couple of days to make decision and then act on it, guess business management and leadership is all about making decisions, to sum it all.

And am learning my ropes too..…

24 hours aint enough....

Suddenly so many business proposals and so much to do that it seems that even 24 hours are not enough. I have been hardly getting any sleep for last couple of days and it seems days like these are going to be on till eternity.

But guess am enjoying this, coz for this what I took the gamble to become an entrepreneur. There are so many exciting business ideas and you want to give shot to everyone, but the crux is that you need to study the feasibility of the same and thats what is the toughest past.

So action during the day and research and ground-work during the night, thats what my life has been reduced to, but yes am enjoying it.

Its 5 am and am still working on my laptop, guess that somes up everything, and believe me there are still so many things on my agenda for tonight, which I wont be able to complete by the time I start my daily chores before rushing to office...

24 hrs aint enough man..