Kutchu's glasses @ka Abhi's

Life is a full circle!!!

In class IV, the english curriculum had a chapter on a character called "Kutchu" (people from CBSE curriculum will easily recall that), that character was there with us for I guess 3 years.

So in standard IV, we had a chapter called "Kutchu's glasses" in which he always forgets where he has kept his glasses......It sounded so vain in those days......But same thing happening to me now....Life is a circle..


ashish said…

i also read that chapter. i was not in CBSE but i was there in English Coaching classes where i used to read that book. and yesterday also i was searching for that book but i did not get it.

so do you know where can i find that.
I started school in Saudi Arabia with the CBSE syllabus and remember Kutchu very well! Memories!

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