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If somebody would just trust this......

"Your past forms you,whether you like it or not.

Each encounter and experience has its own effect,and you're shaped the way the wind shapes a mesquitte tree on a plain."

-: Its's not about the bike by Lance Armstrong

Bachelor Boy ! ! !

This is a song by legendary Cliff Richards, and this blog is taken from my senior Shubhojit sir's blog. I hope sir you wont mind, actually could not resist..........

How true..........

As time goes by I propably willMeet a girl and fall in love.
Then Ill get married have a wife and a child.
And theyll be my turtle doves.
But until then Ill be a bachelor boy and thats the way Ill stay,
Happy to be a bachelor boy,
Until my dyin day.
But until then Ill be a bachelor boy and thats the way Ill stay,
Happy to be a bachelor boy,Until my dyin day.

When you have fear of gangarene setting in- cut it off

Thats what I have done today...Painful, but there's no other option left....

I am not even good at begging...

Well thankfully, I am out of this career-job scene otherwise if any of my prospective employer would have read this, then I would have never landed any job.

To be very honest, I realised yesterday that even begging is something which does not comes naturally to everybody and lets take this profession(or whatever you want to call) so easy.

I mean, at least I am not a good beggar. I failed at it miserably, when even after begging for past 2 days on bended knees to somebody, the person dint relented.

I just wondered that I was not just bad at it, I failed miserably at it. I mean at a traffic signal, these guys convince you in a jiffy, and here I was, two whole days and still fell flat on my face.

A few of the HR managers of my previous concerns need to seriously introspect that how they could have hired somebody who is not even good at begging....and thats something which is coming staright from the horse's mouth..

Kutchu's glasses @ka Abhi's

Life is a full circle!!!

In class IV, the english curriculum had a chapter on a character called "Kutchu" (people from CBSE curriculum will easily recall that), that character was there with us for I guess 3 years.

So in standard IV, we had a chapter called "Kutchu's glasses" in which he always forgets where he has kept his glasses......It sounded so vain in those days......But same thing happening to me now....Life is a circle..

Hunting for glasses, without glasses ie

This is a serious issue with which I have not been able to deal with since ages. Well It was in class 12th that I was diagnosed with Myopia and was advised to wear lenses of -1.75 dioptres in each eye. Doc was surprised that how I was able to study...but then thats another story.

Its been my habit to go to bed with a book, or a magazineand since last couple of years or so with my Communicator on which I surf till I feel sleepy. Now here comes the catch, though exactly my pad is not "Rashtrapati Bhavan" but simultaneosusly it is a also not as meticulously maintained as one.

So sometime I go to sleep wearing my glasses, in the middle of night when I feel something on my nose or when I take a turn and feel something pinching, I just get up and keep it somewhere(basically any empty place available which my senses can sense in dark).

The fight begins in the morning when I get up, after about 3 or 4 hours of sleep, I have lost the senses where I kept it and then begins the hunt.

Most …