When you are not suitably dressed for meeting...Just buy new clothes.

Well, what you do when you have an important meeting and you are not appropriately dressed or you are running short of clean laundry…

You step into a mall, buy new clothes and go the change-room, dress to kill and move out with the old clothes in the handbag, hand it over to someone and then proceed for meeting.

Well, that’s what I have done twice in a fortnight. Had some urgent important meeting which were called impromptu and I was not dressed for the occasion, so in distress, I went to the nearby mall and did what I just described above.

Well, it may sound very simple, easy and rational. But just before meeting you go for shopping is not my idea, but then what to do……You have to leave all the work mid-way, hunt for clothes (though I might be among the quickest shopper in the world, and I complete my shopping usually in a jiffy).

And then I have already so many clothes lying in my house that on every Sunday, I have to bring out a lottery, as to wash which clothes and which to leave!!!

And by the new process which I have adopted and by the number of meetings which I will attend in coming years, I can easily qualify for installation of a launderette…If I keep doing the same thing.


Shubhojit said…
Interesting! Although I've never brought clothes like these but have always taken refuge at the nearest parlour because I wasn't shaved appropriately for a meeting :)
Btw, the red font is making it difficult to read. Please change the fonts to make it more readable :)

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