The laundry-man! ! !

What a day…. Got up late as was working till early morning. Found out that the tooth-paste is almost finished (even though yesterday was Sunday, missed buying the tube)..Spent a good 10 mins squeezing out the remains…It was late already, so just donned the jeans and went out. Too many projects to work on during the day, so worked on each of them one-by-one, but guess missed out on a couple of them..

Well, wanted to meet a friend but had to go back to home as I had to wash clothes..

So got home, had to switch on my laptop immediately as missed writing a mail to somebody…and then started my Endeavour of washing the clothes..

Now its not the first time that am washing the clothes, but there’s something so intriguing about this, every time its feels as arduous as the first time….but then does a bachelor has any choice….Laundry??? Not at all….I know where some of the laundry guys wash the clothes, and am happy washing it myself, however tough it is..

So there I go again…..Washing clothes at 2300 hrs…

People say women are so adept at managing both work and home so nicely…but then I can surely give them some competition.

Believe me there’s nothing as exotic activity in my life than washing clothes every week. Tough life being a bachelor, but then there’s no use complaining as I know that next week again I would be slogging out in the bathroom…

And one of the reason quitting my career and becoming an entrepreneur, that even if I fail in my venture (which you bet, I will never), I can always have my own launderette.

And yes, the day is not over yet. May be would be again working till early morning…but then am happy on my big achievement of washing my weekly quota of clothes and that tomorrow night I wont be slogging in the bathroom..

Life is really tough man..


Shubhojit said…
Well thats how life is with all bachelors. I remember we used to have 4 buckets(one for each room mate) to dip the clothes in soap water. The more organised of us used to do it daily. But for some1 as carefree(some may say careless) as me, Friday night or Saturday night would be my date in the bathroom. And 1 whole hour of effort which would put even WWF to shame :) But always kept myself going by telling myself that its doing good to my biceps too :D

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