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Mumbai Municipal Election: The twain shall meet after 5 years again

Well, though I m giving you an analogy of the Mumbai municipal elections but its true for any elections in India right from the Panchayat elections to the parliamentary elections.

People come to you begging for votes, making tall promises and rugged speeches and then they are gone after distributing the “laddoos” in celebration of the win. Then you can virtually get your feet’s sole rubbed off, but there is hardly any chance that the so called “Elected representative” of yours gives you a hearing…..

What was surprising this time in the municipal election that suddenly since the month of December you see a flurry of activities starts happening in your neighbourhood.

Suddenly the garbage is getting picked up regularly, drains are getting cleaned, roads getting mended, beautification projects getting implemented, and the most hilarious activity which I observed was “Fumigation”. Now if somebody tells me that Mumbai needs fumigation in the month of January, then he needs a lot of effort to …