Nithari killings of Noida: Lets chop off Mulayam Singh&Company and throw them in the same drains!

This happens only in India and in the state where only
one thing is visible always, anarchy.

Its so apalling and height of apathy that brother of
the chief-minister of the state and a politician, goes
on record and issues a statement that whats the big
deal, these things happen?

Either Mr. Mulayam Singh and his brother are impotent(
thats why they fail to realise the extent of loss of
parents who lost their kids to the monsters) or they
are so insensitive to even such a gruesome crime, that
for them its not a big deal, as they say, it happens!

Its not their fault, its our fault, The fault of all
the people who elect them and make our representive
and then become mute witness of their impotency.
Its not the fault of Mulayam and his administration,
its ours.

Why not capture all these officials and the entourage
of Mulayam, dis-member them and throw their torsow in
the same drains of Nithari?
We will also say to everyone, the Police and the
judiciary, that it happens, no big deal!
So simple, isnt it?

But then is it only Mulayam and company to blame for
that, like everybody is saying?
Yesterday, on a channel, one of the victims father was
claiming a higher monetary compensation, a house and a
job from the government??
Can there be anything more apalling than that? I would
like to ask that guy that does all that will bring
back his kid? And will ever his kid's soul will rest
in peace, knowing that his own father traded for his
death, rather than fighting for justice?

We all are impotent, we will still look for ways to
cash our tragedies, be our children or relatives. We
dont know how to fight and Nithari killings will
continue to happen forever.

Why to blame Police and Mulayam government, they know
our truth and playing with it. They are smart
ass-holes and thats why they are in politics.

We need to look into ourselves, there is something
intrinsically wrong.
At least if my kid would have been a victim, I would
have chopped of Mulayam and company and would have
thrown their bodies in same drain, come what may..

Lets do that, I am game for that and will participate
with anybody who has the balls....And then, in court
we can claim, these things happpen......He he he he

India, lets hang our head in shame!


Anonymous said…
I don't think thats the solution, the parents of those children should have united long back when they suspected something was amiss there, and together, taken action, instead of screaming now. You can't help such parents who look for compensation, in lieu of their kids, first shame on them. As or the leaders they don't value common peoples life anyway.

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