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Thats the way to lose an award !

I am not talking about somebody reaching late at the
award ceremony of Oscar or Filmfare......Its about me,
but obviously.... If even somebody uses a ream of paper on writing about
the importance of "timing" in our lives, there still
would be much more left to mention and I have a live
example in my case to write a few words... I resigned from my present assignment and company on
5th of this month, which was also the due date on
which the company was going to announce the award
winner for best individual sales performance across
various verticals... Since I was the only guy who achieved 100% of his
target in December in my vertical, I was confident of
bagging the award. But then the call of the wild was
too strong to resist that day and I mailed my
resignation at sometime 1330 hrs. The award was going
to be announced at sometime 1600 hrs.
I was told that my name was already decided upon and I
was to get that coveted award, but as my resignation
mail was read, the name was changed to the seco…

Nithari killings of Noida: Lets chop off Mulayam Singh&Company and throw them in the same drains!

This happens only in India and in the state where only
one thing is visible always, anarchy. Its so apalling and height of apathy that brother of
the chief-minister of the state and a politician, goes
on record and issues a statement that whats the big
deal, these things happen? Either Mr. Mulayam Singh and his brother are impotent(
thats why they fail to realise the extent of loss of
parents who lost their kids to the monsters) or they
are so insensitive to even such a gruesome crime, that
for them its not a big deal, as they say, it happens! Its not their fault, its our fault, The fault of all
the people who elect them and make our representive
and then become mute witness of their impotency.
Its not the fault of Mulayam and his administration,
its ours. Why not capture all these officials and the entourage
of Mulayam, dis-member them and throw their torsow in
the same drains of Nithari?
We will also say to everyone, the Police and the
judiciary, that it happens, no big deal!
So simple, isnt it? But…

Adios ! ! !

This is the letter which I wrote a hour ago to my colleagues and seniors........

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, I resign from the services of the company and would take this opportunity to thank all of you before I leave.

It has been a honour and a previlege working with all of you during my tenure.

There are a few persons to whom I would like to express my deepest gratitude, otherwise I would not be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

First of all Rajesh Kovil Boss, Who provided me this opportunity to learn the operator part of the business in telecom. I was a mobile-handset guy with no operator experience, and he gambled on me and took me in. I shall be always indebted to him.
Boss, I would miss your punches terribly!!!

Next, Indrajit Mahurkar Boss, Who has been very kind and supportive to me all during this 4 to 5 months. Boss, I will miss the learnings which I have got in all these months from you.

It would be very un-fair not to mention the captain of the ship, Sanjay Sethi boss. Though my …

And I have won the dog-fight...

Well, the figures were out on 2nd of Jan....And yes, I did my numbers and and I was number one!!!

Feeling deja-vu??? Not exactly, many more to go. Its much difficult to be at top rather than to get to the top. So I need to keep working towards it....