We don't need this democracy !!!

A group of people attack the very institution of democracy, the parliament.

8 people are killed defending the representatives of the people of the country.

5 years down the line, the very politicians whose lives were saved by 8 brave men are bickering over the politics of whether we should hang the master-mind of the attack or not?? Nothing could be more apalling and shameful than that, and there wont be any precedence of such an instance in any part of this world!!!

May be all these politicains have some different idea, and God knows how they become our representatives!!

The attack on the seat of Parliament is as good as an attack on the country itself, 8 men die defending that institution, and still we are debating what to do with Mr.Afzal???

Instead of returning the medals awarded, by the martyr's families, there should have been a public ceremony outside the parliament, where they should have immersed all those medals in the Parliament gutter only, in the auspicious presence of all the representatives.

This would have been a fitting reply to their lack of conviction for not honouring the sacrifice of 8 men, who died saving their"useless" lives.

Guess, we are a country of selfish impotents or if somebody gives the excuse of we being the largest democracy, then bull-shit to this democracy!!!

Somebody attacks the very institution of this democracy and he is still alive after 5 years because we are still debating, as we are a democracy???

Applaud, Ladies and Gentlemen as Mr. Afzal continues to be alive and enjoying life !!!


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