Thats how the life is ! ! !

For past a week or so, the water supply has been
curtailed in my building to only a couple of hours
from six to eight in the morning, because of water

As it is I was late to see the notice put up by the
building society for the same and had to survive on
packaged water for drinking purpose for 5 days.
Thankfully since there is a water storage tank
installed in my flat, so dint face too much problem.

Everyday after seeing the notice, I will resolve to
wake-up at six and at least collect the drinking water
for the day. Somehow, could never do so for even a
single day and would buy the packaged drinking water.

Yesterday, despite being a Sunday( The day on which I
never wake-up before 1100 hrs at least), I woke up at
six(because of the wake-up alarm) and filled 4 bottles
of water and a bucket for my daily use.

It was sort of record achievement for me to get up at
six on a sunday and I was very happy( I believe in
celebrating every single achievement, however small it

I went back to sleep and when I got up, dint open the
tap, fully confident that there wont be any water.
After finishing the ablutions and flushing the toilet,
heard some familiar noise(which was gone for last few
It was the water filling up the water tank of the loo!

I turned up all the taps, and there it was, water
gushing from each one in all its splendour!

So here I am, dint wake up for 6 days to collect
water, put up an alarm, woke up at six in the morning
on a Sunday......And that day the water is

Thats how the life is....


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