The common between Abhishek and Abhishek ! ! !

Turn ons-:

Aquarius are friendly and fascinating people.
They have in-depth knowledge about various subjects and you can converse with them for hours without getting bored.
They are capable of giving a lot of love that can be amazing.
They have very broad outlook about life and you can relax in their presence.
They will always welcome your ideas and actions about humanitarian causes.
To keep an Aquarians lover interested you must possess that mysterious and intriguing quality.
Once hooked they will always be very faithful to you.

Turn offs-:

Do not expect or plan a normal, simple and predictable life with an Aquarius partner.
Aquarius people are totally unpredictable.
They can go to any direction without giving any advance notice.
They are basically very restless and get very easily bored.
Though they are very friendly but do not expect them to reveal their inner most feelings to you (they will never).
They can be very detached and impersonal that you may find very strange.
Do not be surprised by this unpredictable quality that may crop up often.


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