We all live by some sort of code in our lives, which
is the guiding factor for all the actions that we
undertake, to do or not to do that basically.

Before entering the professional life, we have the
code but its not too stringent as we are still naive
about the consequences of breaching the code, may be
we are not too bothered I guess.

As we enter the professional life, most of our actions
are guided by the Code laid out by the organisation.
Most of the time it is a documented one(Like in the
present organisation in which I work), sometimes there
are un-written Codes which just float around from

Mostly it happens in the Defence Services where the
un-written codes are also strictly followed with the
same religiousness as the written one.

I was watching an excellent movie "A few good men" day
before yesterday, in which the USMC guys live by a

Amazingly simple and yet en-compasses everything which
governs your behaviour while in USMC. The code which
can make or break a good Marine.

Well, I am into Sales and its as challenging as being
a Marine, we also fight daily to achieve our
numbers(minus bullets though), So I decided to re-coin
the code for my present set-up..


The UNIT refers to obviously the one which am
commanding. The CORE is the vertical in which am
working, which is obviously the SALES. Then comes GOD
and then COMPANY.

The well-fare of my UNIT comes first and then my
CORE(Which is Sales vertical). Obviously after that
comes GOD as not all actions which I might do for the
well-fare of my COMPANY would be God-worthy.

So before any such action, I would see that whether
its fair of being God-worthy or not, and then only I
will proceed with it..

Being in corporate world, I know that its so
impossible to follow this code, and the higher up you
go, the more it is. Otherwise, you would not have seen
scandals like Enron.

So here is the new code in my life, and I will do
level best to see that I live by it....


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