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The dog fight ! ! !

This month-end has become so exciting after a long time, the fight for numbers has become a close game.

After being at number two for more than 10 days, today I have reached the number one in terms of sales numbers.

The margin is very thin, and thats what makes the game very interesting. The dog fight is going on. My numbers are a bit down today, compared to yesterday, but I hope to catch up before EOD. Lets see...

It has become so interesting this time, tomorrow will be a big day. Two big guys breathing down my neck in this dog-fight. But am fighting and would continue to do so.

I have to keep my number one position, come what may....

A healthy disregard for the impossible.....

Well, like Einstein has said all the things in this
world is relative, so is the word "Impossible" for
everyone. For me "Impossible" is getting up at six in the
morning and collect drinking water from the tap,to be
able to cook food everyday, to have breakfast in the
morning,to toe the dotted line,resisting not to have
pizza on a holiday, to pay my electricity utility bill
on due date and many more... Today I was started reading this book "The Google
Story" which is about how Google was made(Yes, it was)
and the two genius behind it, Mr.Sergey Brin and
Mr.Larry Page. In the beginning of the book Mr.Page is giving an
informal lecture to a group of school students and he
says something which has struck me ever since, "Having
a healthy disregard for the impossible".
He further says that, You should always try to do
things that other people would not. Why am saying this is that, I read these lines when I
have an option to quit my set career path and venture
into unk…

Nothing official about it !!!

The common between Abhishek and Abhishek ! ! !

Turn ons-:

Aquarius are friendly and fascinating people.
They have in-depth knowledge about various subjects and you can converse with them for hours without getting bored.
They are capable of giving a lot of love that can be amazing.
They have very broad outlook about life and you can relax in their presence.
They will always welcome your ideas and actions about humanitarian causes.
To keep an Aquarians lover interested you must possess that mysterious and intriguing quality.
Once hooked they will always be very faithful to you.

Turn offs-:

Do not expect or plan a normal, simple and predictable life with an Aquarius partner.
Aquarius people are totally unpredictable.
They can go to any direction without giving any advance notice.
They are basically very restless and get very easily bored.
Though they are very friendly but do not expect them to reveal their inner most feelings to you (they will never).
They can be very detached and impersonal that you may find very strange.
Do not be sur…

We don't need this democracy !!!

A group of people attack the very institution of democracy, the parliament.

8 people are killed defending the representatives of the people of the country.

5 years down the line, the very politicians whose lives were saved by 8 brave men are bickering over the politics of whether we should hang the master-mind of the attack or not?? Nothing could be more apalling and shameful than that, and there wont be any precedence of such an instance in any part of this world!!!

May be all these politicains have some different idea, and God knows how they become our representatives!!

The attack on the seat of Parliament is as good as an attack on the country itself, 8 men die defending that institution, and still we are debating what to do with Mr.Afzal???

Instead of returning the medals awarded, by the martyr's families, there should have been a public ceremony outside the parliament, where they should have immersed all those medals in the Parliament gutter only, in the auspicious presence of…

And I want to call Narendra Singh...

A recent survey by a leading mobile handset manufacturer shows that we are more inclined to call a close one when we are listening to music which reminds us of that particular person......

And today when I was listening to the song "Pardesi Dhola" sung by famous Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi of "Dil le gayi kudi gujrat ki" fame, it reminded me of Narendra Singh.

The story goes back to 5 years when I was deputed to Punjab on a particular assignment for 4 months. Narendra Singh was my deputy then.

Very hard-working and sincere guy, who helped me a lot during my successful tenure there and I owe him a lot for this. He would come driving in the spine-chilling winter of Punjab at 5 in the morning to my hotel, whenever we had to move out early. This still baffles me, how he managed to do that...

He made me learn Punjabi, and also made me listen to Punjabi songs in my car, the reason that he wont like the hindi songs.
Slowly, he managed to mend my ways, and on his special reques…


I am on cloud number 9 for past 5 mins or so. ...

The reason, our team has won the very first monthly "Best Sales Team" award just now.

The award function was to be held at one of our several offices in the city and since I was tied up with business in hand, so I could not attend.

Boss just rang up and conveyed the best news, I have heard in a long time.

It was such a tough and close fight till the end, with another team almost biting on our neck on 30th, but we delivered on all parameters.

The list of deliverables is good enough to give goose-pimples to any Sales Manager, but we WON!!!

I am so elated...........We fought against all odds this month to get this coveted award. Since its the first one, so the matter of prestige doubled.....And we did it.....


Still devoid of words to express my exuberance.....Will take some time to sink in...



We all live by some sort of code in our lives, which
is the guiding factor for all the actions that we
undertake, to do or not to do that basically.
Before entering the professional life, we have the
code but its not too stringent as we are still naive
about the consequences of breaching the code, may be
we are not too bothered I guess.
As we enter the professional life, most of our actions
are guided by the Code laid out by the organisation.
Most of the time it is a documented one(Like in the
present organisation in which I work), sometimes there
are un-written Codes which just float around from
Mostly it happens in the Defence Services where the
un-written codes are also strictly followed with the
same religiousness as the written one.
I was watching an excellent movie "A few good men" day
before yesterday, in which the USMC guys live by a
Amazingly simple and yet en-compasses everything which
governs your behaviour while in USMC. The code wh…

Thats how the life is ! ! !

For past a week or so, the water supply has been
curtailed in my building to only a couple of hours
from six to eight in the morning, because of water
As it is I was late to see the notice put up by the
building society for the same and had to survive on
packaged water for drinking purpose for 5 days.
Thankfully since there is a water storage tank
installed in my flat, so dint face too much problem.
Everyday after seeing the notice, I will resolve to
wake-up at six and at least collect the drinking water
for the day. Somehow, could never do so for even a
single day and would buy the packaged drinking water.
Yesterday, despite being a Sunday( The day on which I
never wake-up before 1100 hrs at least), I woke up at
six(because of the wake-up alarm) and filled 4 bottles
of water and a bucket for my daily use.
It was sort of record achievement for me to get up at
six on a sunday and I was very happy( I believe in
celebrating every single achievement, however small it
I went back to sleep and wh…

Who is Major Manish Pitambare: We are Indians and we have better jobs to do than bother about him!

* Major Manish Pitambare, 3rd PARA, SPECIAL FORCES. So
what, We have Sachin, Virendra, Rahul, Sanjay Dutt,
Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan....
* Major Manish Pitambare,Killed in action on a special
mission, shot-dead a dreaded territorist before
sacrificing his life.
So what? We have Sachin, Virendra and Rahul who play
so fabulously and bring country proud. We have
Abhishek and Aishwarya who act so well and entertain
*Major Manish Pitambare, took a bullet in his head
while on a special mission to nab terrorists and
before dying he killed a top terrorist.
So what? Rahul, Sachin and others also go abroad on a
special mission and win the country laurels. Abhishek
and Aishwarya also go to Rio to shoot movie and they
entertain us..
Actually am devoid of words, how to express my anguish
at my callous fellow country-men and the so called
un-biased FREE PRESS and the reverred leaders of this
contry, Manmohan Singh and company...
A young man, PARA-COMMANDO,takes a bullet to his head,
on a speci…