The Peanuts Salesman!!!

I dont think that I was ever destined to be anything other than a salesman, all my life. Yeah, I desperately wanted to be a "Special Forces" Commando, but it was not to be, thanks to my dad.

I have sold quite a variety of products so far in my short career, which ranges from chemicals to consumer durable to consumer semi-durable to services, but have never sold pea-nuts in my career!!!

But yes, One of my Boss thinks that our salesmanship is no better than selling peanuts???

Guess, since now the targets are happening inspite of some new stringent norms being laid, he cant obviously screw us for that. So he thinks that its all as easy as selling peanuts!!! (Guess, all of us have seen some very bad days also)

Now since I cant confront his logic face-to-face, since he is my big boss, and I need to preserve my ass as of now, so its better to give this logic at my personal blog-:

1. Selling peanuts is not an easy task, you have to stand under sun, rain,walk door-to door to complete your day's target.

2. Even if you do this much of hardwork, its not sure whether people will buy peanut from you or not. Take ex of Bombay only, you will find so many peanuts seller on every traffic signal, but how many people buy from them???

3. Even among peanuts seller, there is competition. And anybody wants to witness that then he or she can go to Juhu Chowpatty beach or Gateway in the evening.

So I am not offended on being addressed as a "Peanut Salesman", I am offended at the fact that its considered to be an easy task.
Selling anything is not at all an easy task in this world, let alone it be selling peanuts.

And thats why am proud to be a Salesman, even if somebody calls me a "Peanut Salesman", but please dont take even selling peanuts, for granted. Otherwise, anyone can experiment by being one for a day....


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