Mr.Tariq Ali is now AGM !!!

Well, I have often said that even if one day when I
become VP-SALES, I will always be a "Salesman" at the
core of my heart.

It has been only a few years of my career as a
salesman, but while recruiting, I have only looked for
one thing in any prospective candidate, the aptitude
and the passion for selling!
Rest all you can teach, the domain knowledge, product
knowledge, technical knowledge etc and etc. But a
Salesman has to be a born salesman, and I have met and
recruited more than a few in my short career.

And one of them is Mr. Tariq Ali....

He called me up today evening to convey this great
news that he has been promoted to the level of AGM in
his mobile-accessories company and he is doing

I still remember the day when I interviewed him. He
was honest, had that "can do" spirit in his eyes(which
is the first thing I look for) and had a fair idea of

I hired him but he was tottaly un-educated,devoid of
any knowledge, not at all savvy, but he was a good
Sometimes, when you hire, you need to balance the
things out in terms of what you want ie. a good
salesman or an average salesman with knowledge?

The question is a billion dollar one. And I have
always gone in favour of the former one.
If you are a good trainer and leader, all the things
you can teach, but the aptitude of selling is
intrinsic, that basic instinct you cant re-create.

So I gambled on Tariq Ali. He was a difficult guy to
manage, very hard-working and dedicated, a very good
salesman, but very emotional.
And believe me, one of the toughest job on this planet
is to manage a good emotinal salesman.

Twice, he ran away(literally) because of the system
constraints and some other issues and it took me so
much effort to cajole him back. He was a good guy and
I could not have lost him.

Twice I stopped billing to three top retailers because
they showed dis-respect to him(Issues for which the
system was responsible and not him), and only when
they apologised for their conduct, did I resume
business with them.
I never intend to do business with anybody who dont
respect my team, for none of their fault, however big
the stake is.

Tariq was a thorough salesman, a solid adhesive, who
will no quit unless he gets his order. I still remeber
his urdu-poetrics...
"Tambu khada karte hain to kaafiya tang pad jata hai,
Aur rassi ko dheel dete hain to tambu gir jata hai."

I still have to decipher that, but that always reminds
me of him.

Tariq well done and all the best, and yes, thanks for
still remembering me...


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