Its all about people honey ! ! !

All the people who regularly visit my blog(and I know
few of them), would be a bit bewildered why I write
about all the people who worked for me and now doing
well in their careers?

I have written about Akbar, Suman Jha and now Tariq

Ladies and Gentlemen, all these blogs ae not pieces of
self-eulogy.....Its all about people...

Right fom the moment we are born, its the people with
whom we are encountered, till the moment we depart
from this planet. Our family, friends, spouse,
children, colleagues and what not.
We always deal with people, so its te most essential
part of our lives...

How to deal with people and rather manage them, and
moreso essential when you are a team-leade and a
manager....And thats what intrigues me most,,, how to
manage these people better and in a more efficient

And since am constantly thinking about it, thats how
and why I write more often about people(I have written
once about one of me former boss).

In then end......Its all about them...Theres no other
secret to success in life...whether personal or



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