The Explosives Expert

Like I mentioned earlier it has been always my dream to be a “Special Forces” commando, since childhood.

And some of my actions during my pre-adolescent days were commensurate to that.
During every Diwali we used to get huge amount of crackers, as they were cheap in those days.

So would begin the process of making them dry in the sun to make them more potent, I would mimic an adapt “Explosives Expert” while taking them out in the sun and drying them and again collecting them back. It used to be my favourite pass-time during pre-diwali days and as soon as I will return from school, I will get engrossed in the process.

But guess, this simple process was not exciting enough for this budding “Explosives expert”. The day after diwali, it was religious for me to hunt down all the compound for the un-exploded crackers and try to find out what has gone wrong…

Some-times the fuse would have been burnt, sometime the small part of fuse would be still there and due to dew, it dint exploded. So for bombs, whose fuse were small, I would try to explode them again with the help of a sheet of newspaper. And for all the bombs whose fuse were gone, I would dismantle them and collect their gun-powder together.

Now here comes the best part, while in Class IIIrd I guess, that Diwali I collected a lot of gun-powder and placed them in a small cracker box. While this budding “Explosives Expert” was in the process of igniting that pretty large dump of gun-powder, away from the prying eyes of my parents, I was ignorant of the extent of inflammability of the chemical…

So I tried some 3 to 4 times with the help of match-stick, the match-stick got extinguished as I ploughed it too deep in the dump, the next time it went KA-BOOOOOOM!!!!

There was huge ball of fire in front of my eyes, as I ws sitting less than 10 inches from the gun-powder dump. I felt as if my groin has caught fire and may have exploded along with gun-powder dump. There was immense writhing pain in my hands and I could still hear the whistles blowing in my ear. In short, I was feeling as if I have travelled out of this world to Hell.

A few minutes later when after hearing the loud explosion my parents came out and hauled me from that place, I found out that indeed my groin had caught fire(actually my nylon half-pants). Immediately I was rushed to bathroom and after detailed diagnosis my essential accouterments were found to be safe and sound (And yes, they are working sound).

Then the focus shifted to my hands, both were burnt, and specially right one was badly bruised.
I was still shell-shocked ( Now I know the correct meaning of the term). Later in the night I had high fever because of shock which lasted a couple of days and my fingers still have some marks proving the adventurism of this budding “Explosives Expert”.

I became a lot sober next year, so the gun-powder thing was over. But yes, how can I leave the bombs who still were left un-exploded with only a fragment of fuse left on them………So the “Explosives Expert” started focusing on them…..

Once an explosives expert, always an explosives expert………


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