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Judge me by my name........

Its all about people honey ! ! !

All the people who regularly visit my blog(and I know
few of them), would be a bit bewildered why I write
about all the people who worked for me and now doing
well in their careers? I have written about Akbar, Suman Jha and now Tariq
Ali. Ladies and Gentlemen, all these blogs ae not pieces of
self-eulogy.....Its all about people... Right fom the moment we are born, its the people with
whom we are encountered, till the moment we depart
from this planet. Our family, friends, spouse,
children, colleagues and what not.
We always deal with people, so its te most essential
part of our lives... How to deal with people and rather manage them, and
moreso essential when you are a team-leade and a
manager....And thats what intrigues me most,,, how to
manage these people better and in a more efficient
manner... And since am constantly thinking about it, thats how
and why I write more often about people(I have written
once about one of me former boss). In then end......Its all about them...Theres no other
secret t…

Mr.Tariq Ali is now AGM !!!

Well, I have often said that even if one day when I
become VP-SALES, I will always be a "Salesman" at the
core of my heart. It has been only a few years of my career as a
salesman, but while recruiting, I have only looked for
one thing in any prospective candidate, the aptitude
and the passion for selling!
Rest all you can teach, the domain knowledge, product
knowledge, technical knowledge etc and etc. But a
Salesman has to be a born salesman, and I have met and
recruited more than a few in my short career. And one of them is Mr. Tariq Ali.... He called me up today evening to convey this great
news that he has been promoted to the level of AGM in
his mobile-accessories company and he is doing
awesome. I still remember the day when I interviewed him. He
was honest, had that "can do" spirit in his eyes(which
is the first thing I look for) and had a fair idea of
domain. I hired him but he was tottaly un-educated,devoid of
any knowledge, not at all savvy, but he was a good

BREAKING NEWS :Colgate Palmolive Company now hunting the recipe of Indian Chooran for their future products ! ! !

Breaking News for the competitors of M/s Colgate Palmolive company isnt it?

So Unilevers and P&G top-brass would be excited to hear this news at my blog. Now all of you would be eagerly awaiting to know how I came to know this news....

Somebody from US based office was searching on Google about "Chooran" , now in a oral-healthcare major company nobody would search for "Chooran" unless they are searching for some ancient ayurvedic recipe for their future product development.

So its a heartening news for Indian Ayurvedic fraternity, a big MNC is trying to devlop their future tooth-pastes or tooth-powder on ancient Indian formula...

So M/s Unilevers and others, I have broken a confidential news to you, catch up with your competition.....

And by the way, I too can help a bit with the "Chooran" formula. I have eaten tons of that in my childhood!!!!

The Explosives Expert

Like I mentioned earlier it has been always my dream to be a “Special Forces” commando, since childhood.

And some of my actions during my pre-adolescent days were commensurate to that.
During every Diwali we used to get huge amount of crackers, as they were cheap in those days.

So would begin the process of making them dry in the sun to make them more potent, I would mimic an adapt “Explosives Expert” while taking them out in the sun and drying them and again collecting them back. It used to be my favourite pass-time during pre-diwali days and as soon as I will return from school, I will get engrossed in the process.

But guess, this simple process was not exciting enough for this budding “Explosives expert”. The day after diwali, it was religious for me to hunt down all the compound for the un-exploded crackers and try to find out what has gone wrong…

Some-times the fuse would have been burnt, sometime the small part of fuse would be still there and due to dew, it dint exploded. So for bom…

Hurray - 3000 Page views !!!

Well, Another milestone for my blogging adventure. Today, my blog has completed 3000 page views.

I still sometimes fail to understand, why some people on this planet read the crap which is their on my blog.

Anyways, Thanks to all those people who have bear with my blog, left comments in last 17 months or so.

Thanks and keep on hitting, sometimes reading a bit of insanity is all you need to regain your sanity.


Shit happens

Well, yes it happens and it happens more than often. And sometimes it happens with me also, like the way I write and the topics on which I write. Well, I dont think why I wrote on the topic "The Peanut Salesman" and why should somebody read it. But then, Ladies and Gentlemen, Shit happens, so bear with me....

The Peanuts Salesman!!!

I dont think that I was ever destined to be anything other than a salesman, all my life. Yeah, I desperately wanted to be a "Special Forces" Commando, but it was not to be, thanks to my dad.

I have sold quite a variety of products so far in my short career, which ranges from chemicals to consumer durable to consumer semi-durable to services, but have never sold pea-nuts in my career!!!

But yes, One of my Boss thinks that our salesmanship is no better than selling peanuts???

Guess, since now the targets are happening inspite of some new stringent norms being laid, he cant obviously screw us for that. So he thinks that its all as easy as selling peanuts!!! (Guess, all of us have seen some very bad days also)

Now since I cant confront his logic face-to-face, since he is my big boss, and I need to preserve my ass as of now, so its better to give this logic at my personal blog-:

1. Selling peanuts is not an easy task, you have to stand under sun, rain,walk door-to door to complete you…