Impossible is Nothing !!!

If somebody coined this phrase. then it would not have been out of blue or from a bout of insanity..

In one of my earlier blogs, I have cited a few more example related to this phrase and guess I would always keep on writing this prase, as this is what makes a common mortal man like me, to keep on fighting.

I myself cant believve that I am writing this blog on my communicator, sitting inside the 9.04am Churchgate local!!!

Yes, Ladies and Genlemen, I am comfortably sitting in the 9.04 am Local and am in fact writing. It took me 4 years, yes 4 years to be in Bombay and travelling everyday by the Local to achieve this feat.

And am elated to say the least, in fact am on cloud number 9.
What happened today was in fact that I standing a bit close to the tracks and in the melee which ensues got pushed inside quuite early than the rest....And here I am enjoying my first victory in last 4 years...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Impossible is Nothing!!


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