I love you Maggi !!!

Well, at first instance people reading the heading of my this blog will take it as a proclamation of my love for some girl known as Maggi, but it isnt.

What I am talking about is my eternal love for Maggi Noodles of Nestle. I love it and I can eat tonnes of it ( I did when I was in college and even now) and the fact is that I dont get bored of it!!

The love affair started some 20 odd years back, I remember and will continue forever, guess.

The reason for writing a blog on this all of a sudden is that, a few days back in my office canteen, they had Maggi on the menu, for evening snacks and boy, I was delighted. So we ordered for it and I absolutely relished it , like always.

Next day, we again went in the evening to have tea and boy again that tempting sign was there, so I again slipped for that...(I am never in the habit of having lunch, let alone evening snacks). So you can imagine my fascination for Maggi!!

To top it all, when I went yesterday at the canteen, the Chef recognised me and said Sir, sorry we dont have Maggi today!!!

So Maggi, My love for you is now soon going to be part of folklores, and I love you baby!!!

(May be someone from Nestle reads this blog and gives me a year supply free of Maggi!!!)


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