Apni to Paathshala, Masti ki pathshala!!!!

Once a year in my present organisation, we have to appear in a test, in which it is mandatory to pass, otherwise you are transferred to some other department.

So here again I am sitting with a big bunch of process notes from which the questions are supposed to be asked.
The fact is that it has been more than a year since I have been managing this business, but have seen all these notes for the first time(Guess, happens everywhere)....So am studying again...And simultaneously have to prepare a sales plan for some new launches!!!

My Boss have entrusted me with the task of studying all the notes and then to disburse the knowledge that I have gained(If I manage to gain ie, which is a big task).

Well, its gonna be two long nights till 11th morning when the test starts, and so along with my own employment,those of my team-mates and my Boss(He he , now I can black-mail him) is at stake on my preparation...

So here I am......Apni to paathshala....Masti ki paathshaala..


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