INDIA IS THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD: And yes, We take 13 years to deliver judgement for serial blasts!!!

Well, We always proudly announce ourselves as the world’s largest democracy, but then do we need it???

A group of persons kill and maim hundreds of people in the commercial capital of country, some of them are able to fled, other who are here are tried in the courts for 13 long years(since we are a democratic country, we go by the law of the land), and even then finally, some go scot free and judgement is still deferred for a few more days, with the chances that the case might go to even Supreme Court (God knows how many years again).

What should be the punishment of killing and maiming hundreds of people??? And how much time should be taken to decide the punishment for them???

People make a mockery of our democracy for 99% of the time. If there would have been an autocrat ruling our land, the culprits would have been shot in the head by now….But then we are a democratic country and we allow the law of the land to decide cases as severe as Mumbai 1993 blasts……….And we wait for 13 years….God knows how more..

For last few days, the newspapers have been publishing the photographs of the blast and stories of the victims. Its so heart rendering just to read them even after such a long time span…

As a democratic country, are we doing justice to all those people who were the victims of the blast 13 years back???

For a mother or father whose Son was killed in the blast, in a democratic country, they have to wait for 13 years to see the judgement delivered?? It’s a mockery of the system!!

Yet we live with it and cherish this democracy of ours……Sometimes, it all feels like bull-shit!!!

You choose leaders(so called), who rather than taking care of the people, take care of themselves and then there is the law of the land………13 years to deliver the punishment for such a heinous crime…..

We don’t need democracy if its so good as above…..I am lucky and you are lucky that may be such incidents have not happened with us, so may be we might not realize the feelings and anguish of the victims……..

Ask them, do they need this democracy????


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