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Do not be afraid under difficult situations!!!


Be a little bit childish!!!


Always be ready to help others!!!


The Bombay Dreams !!!

This city Bombay never fails to amaze, excite, inspirate and tantalise you.
For inspiration, when you are down, you don’t have to look too far, its there very near to you, even a common man walking besides you can be very inspiring and this has always hold true for me…

All of us who have come from far- off places to be someone in this city, this city is everything to us….and whenever we are down and fed-up with this city(for various reasons known to everybody), this city only perks you up and that’s why we all keep on slogging here… the hope of to be someone… day…

There is an auto-rickshaw driver which mostly used to ferry me to my office for a couple of months, suddenly he was gone, and today I sighted him after long time and perked my ass in his rick….

The conversation started, He told me, he bought a new flat of 1000 sq ft at Vasai and would be moving there. Planning to start a new business of Vegetable cum grocery store over there . He told that everyday he wont be able to b…

Same Pinch !!!

That’s what we say, when there is something similar between ourselves and some other guy or gal, At least I never fail to say that, but sometime it can turn out very awkward also…

Here is the story…

Well, I bought a branded shirt from a store where the sale was going on and wore it a couple of days back. I was journeying by the train that day and soon I spotted another guy entering the compartment, wearing the same true copy shirt, I don’t know what happened to me…..But guess I was embarrassed…

That guy perhaps fail to spot me in the rush(of our similarity), and moved on, but since it was a long journey, so I dint want to take the risk, so I put on my jacket(though it was sweltering inside)…….Boy, I was embarrassed….

Thankfully, the face-to-face embarrassment was saved and this time I was in no mood to go and pinch that guy to say” same-pinch”…

The emperor is back!!!


the Newton's third law is valid not only in Physics and Motion but in all aspects of life....

I stopped writing my blog and the inertia which was created became very difficult to dispel.... One of the reason, My Nokia 9500 communicator was out of order( on which I type and publish my blog) for a long period of time, now since its almost as good as brand new, I have started blogging...

All those gentlemen, who occasionally view my blog (and am suurprised that they still do??), would have again finally something to read)

Thnks and God bless you all!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!

A few awesome words written by one of my batch-mates in an e-mail.....

Sixty Years to IndependenceTime for Celebrations

Still Questions to Ponder:Hunger? Poverty? Terrorism? Racism? Casteism? War?Politicians?...............

All Remain the same.
Let's take a vow on this Independence Day.
We willcaste our votes to the best of people.
Not on thebasis of political party/religion/beleif but thequalifying criteria for a person to whom we cast ourvotes should be:
1) Educational Qualification2) Past Record (should not be a criminal)3) Ethical4) Passionate &5) Honest
It's time for the young brigade to prove that Rang DeBasanti can happen.
Not through killing but creating.
Not being destructive but being creative.
Let's allpromise to be emotionally intelligent and show ourconcern to our feelings rather than the machine on top of body(the mind) which tries to rule over us.