Mr. President why dint you flew in Mig instead of Sukhoi?? We are not impressed!!!

Mr. President it was an awesome effort, but we are not impressed....

We would have been impressed if you would have taken this historic sortie in a Mig 29.
There has been hundreds of murder of young pilots in Migs but still no confirmative action or answer from government.

As the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, dont you think that at least you should take special efforts when lives of young men are wasted due to some vested interest.

A young man swears to fight and die for his country, joins the airforce, sacrifices the prime of his youth, and one day gets killed in an aircrash, for which his superiors, his government and his supreme commander has no answers?

And they continue to get killed and still nothing budges, either in the defence ministry or in the government.

You can never wipe the tears of the family members of those killed, but you would have, as a symbolic gesture, would have flown in the Mig, to let them know, that you are, as a supreme commander, not afraid to fly in a plane, which is called as Flying Coffin.

After all, Mr. President, a commander leads by example.
If not anything, at least it would have soothed the burning anguish of the families, whose near ones got killed, while serving for country, in a plane crash..

Mr. President, we are not impressed! ! !


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