Ballots failed us, so its time now to exercise bullets !!!

We failed during Mandal I , but not this time. People died, sat on hunger strikes, but in the end it got implemented finally……We elected a different government by exercising our ballets but these people failed us…..Shame on us that how we can be wrong once again……May be not our fault, these ass*****, are born of same father from different mothers, they all are interested in their votes only…..

There is no use trying to change the scenario by exercising ballet, You elect a democratic government, who becomes autocratic and do all those things that benefits their vote-bank only

So its time to exercise bullets…..These politicians are deaf, they wont hear us, even if you die.

That’s what happened during Mandal I , so many brilliant people committed suicides, but what happened, VP Singh is still smiling, while the two small kids of Rajeev Goswami would be still wondering where their dad is and why did he die???

But this time we wont do suicides, it does not make any difference to these politicians, they are so thick skinned that might wont shed tears even when their mothers die, as long as their votes are in their pockets…

If one has to die while fighting these ass*****, we will do that after killing them. No suicides, its time for massacres….

Lets not fail ourselves again…. Lets turn the scene of this country, not by ballets, but by bullets……


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