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Ballots failed us, so its time now to exercise bullets !!!

We failed during Mandal I , but not this time. People died, sat on hunger strikes, but in the end it got implemented finally……We elected a different government by exercising our ballets but these people failed us…..Shame on us that how we can be wrong once again……May be not our fault, these ass*****, are born of same father from different mothers, they all are interested in their votes only…..

There is no use trying to change the scenario by exercising ballet, You elect a democratic government, who becomes autocratic and do all those things that benefits their vote-bank only

So its time to exercise bullets…..These politicians are deaf, they wont hear us, even if you die.

That’s what happened during Mandal I , so many brilliant people committed suicides, but what happened, VP Singh is still smiling, while the two small kids of Rajeev Goswami would be still wondering where their dad is and why did he die???

But this time we wont do suicides, it does not make any difference to these politici…

Mr. Arjun Singh is still adamant on his reservation agenda as he does not understand the pain of millions of us, Its time he is made to understand

May be Mr. Arjun Singh is very fortunate that he has not felt any real pain in his life, and thats why he still does not understand the pain and anguish of millions.......and still adamant on continuing with his reservation agenda.

Its time that Mr. Arjun Singh is made to feel that pain....

*Imagine Mr.Arjun Singh, a boy, just an adolescent who scores more than 50% marks in tenth board and fails to get science subject coz an OBC or SCST boy who scores 35% has to be admitted and there was no seat.
Can you ever feel his pain, when everybody tells him that boy your life is over even before starting?

What about pouring some boiling hot oil in your eyes, may be then Mr. Arjun Singh you will realise his pain.

*Imagine a lad who tries very hard for 2 years for PET and is waitlisted, and could not get admission coz an OBC student, who got total 10 marks had to be admitted.
Can you ever feel his pain of seeing his blood and toil of 2 years going down the drain and a life-long pain throbbing in his h…

BREAKING NEWS-: Arjun Singh announces new reservation policy for meritorious upper class students...

From-: Private Secretary
of Cabinet Minister,
Ministry of HRD,
Govt of India,
New Delhi

Ladies& Gentlemen and fellow countrymen,

The Cabinet Minister ( Mr. Arjun Singh) is deeply appalled and saddened by the protest against his reservation drive both in private sector as well as institutions of higher learning.

While the minister is adamant on his decision, to pacify the meritorious and upper caste students, he is pleased to announce a new reservation policy for them too….

In this new policy, our beloved minister has made sure that while he gets all the votes due to the earlier policy, the meritorious and poor upper caste students, should also get a decent job in future.

Here is a draft policy,

1.) All those upper class students having more than 90% marks in graduation, and monthly income less than 10000 rupees of their household will have 75% reservation in local municipality for the post of sweepers.
Minister has promised that inspite of his party not in power in most of the municipalitie…