Mr. Arjun Singh, don't try to make us Indians racist ! ! !

What took Gandhi and Ambedkar ages to do with their sweat and blood, Arjun Singh is hell bent on trying to reverse that, again.

During the Mandal episode one, courtesy our ex- beloved PM VP Singh, who is on his death-bed, the country almost got divided on the caste lines, forcing many of us to become racist.
Guess, this time another “Singh” is giving the same push to this “Racism” in the mind of us Indians.

Arjun Singh does not realize that though he may push the reservation agenda in to Pvt. Sector and a further hike of quota in Govt institutions, what happens when all this leads to the other half of upper caste Indians becoming racist.

All this endeavour of Mr. Singh will get wiped out in a single stroke(assuming , he is doing it beneovelently, which he is not), if this thought of racism creeps into the minds of millions of Indians.

But what the heck, if India becomes a racist country, and there starts blooming societies like KKK, none of the business of Mr. Arjun Singh, his business is politics, and he is adept at it. Well, theres one more thing on which he is adapt, that’s stealing money from the public….

At this time of economic prosperity and goodwill, the least thing that we want is riots on the roads of our city and racial hatred. But obviously, Arjun is an old bas**** and he obviously lacks common-sense.

Don’t know till which class Arjun Singh is educated, but obviously for him theres no importance for the work that Gandhi and Ambedkar and many other leaders tried to remove this racial hatred on the basis of caste in this country…….May be because of old age and sewage creeping into his head, Arjun has forgotten all that. May be he would remember something of Gandhi at least, if not Ambedkar, since one more Gandhi is his party president….but going by the idiotness, it still remains a big question that, whether he has some sanity left or not to recognize that….

Mr. Arjun Singh, We are better without you and your eccentricity, don’t force us in being a racial society on basis of caste. Let us prosper and not be doomed……….


Kantikumar Midha said…
good frank comment.

see also:

for relevant viewpoint.

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