Life is strange, yet so similar.......

Well, life is strange and yet so similar, all through the days (you will say, what a motherhood statement, everyone knows that), but why am re-iterating it here is that, I discovered this fact again today.

While you are student, you prepare for an entire year, or a semester, or a competitive exam and you are judged for all that duration in 3 hours. If you do well in those 3 hours, all your efforts will bear fruit, and if you don’t, they will rot and in the end, you feel like a Pig…….I have myself felt like that quite a many times……So strange, isn’t it???

When you are a professional and working, you slog your ass for an entire year, month-on-month, day to day, and then, all your performance gets measured in may be an hour or little bit more than that, that’s what we call Performance Appraisal……..See, Life is so similar…….Yet its so difficult????

So its again the yearly appraisal time, you fill a long form, depicting figures on your performance and writing long subjectives on what you did and how you did, and preparing for all the questions that may come up, just like during the viva-voce of the practical or project……..

The only difference, you screw one viva-voce, and you can still be left with your sanity as theres another one to make-up for the screw-up, but during the appraisal, you screw once and you are screwed for a year. Just like appearing in a competitive exam……..Contradictions?????? But that’s how life is…….

So tomorrow when some students would be going to their examination centre, biting the last left nails on their finger( Am one of them), hearts almost skipping out the rib-cage(It happened to me always during the Drawing exams in all my semesters), I would be moving to my own office for my appraisal, with the same anxiety and apprehensions…..

See, life is so strange an yet so similar……..More often than not I have almost screwed up the things, lets see, what happens tomorrow????

My only fear, old habits die-hard, and sometimes, they don’t…….


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