Watching movie on a sunday afternoon ! ! !

The afternoon of Sunday has changed. I am not an exactly a movie buff, but since the time I shifted to my new abode and decided against having a cable connection (People will think that I am living in stone age), I have been watching movies all through my Sunday afternoon.

Usually at first it used to be a single movie, but then all the English movies don’t last for more than two hours, and then what to do? Sleep?? But as it is on a Sunday, I don’t get up before 11…..

So this Sunday, I watched two movies in a single day. The nearest video library from whom I bring the CDs, have exhausted their war-movie collection. I have watched all of them, I guess only The Kingdom of Heaven and King Arthur is left.
Which I guess, I would watch next Sunday.

Sometime back, someone asked me that why do I watch war-movies, well the fact is that I always wanted to join Army and could not do so as my father was against it, but even now my childhood obsession has not faded.

War movies is all about guts, passion, determination and dying for a worthy cause, otherwise most of us will die an unsung death one day.

I liked Platoon very much and it will always be my favourite, After so many years I again watched The bridge on river Kwai, which I saw when I was a kid. Same for Towering Inferno(which is not a war movie though). So I have been visiting some of my old childhood memories.

I remember when Dad will take me to the rugged Delite Talkies to watch the English movies at Jabalpur, and I used to be so excited that day. We watched quite a few of them together.

May be next Sunday afternoon, I would watch once again Life is beautiful, its an inspiration for everybody, how to live your life and how to behave even when death is staring at your face……

So I wash my clothes and watch movies, that’s what I am doing now on Sunday……


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