It`s funny how things don`t work out, it`s funny how they do????

Well, its so true, isnt it? How many times in life do we have answers, for, when the things work out and when they don’t?

Some of us will argue that this is not true, but lets try to introspect and see, how many times genuinely do we have answers??

In my life only, When I was appearing for my Engg entrance exam, there were guys who were better than me and had prepared certainly better than me, but I was through. There were questions in Physics from IE Irodov(those who have prepared for competitive exams, would swear by the difficult level of these questions), and I was ablt to solve a couple of them impromptu.

Guess, If it would have been the normal circumstances, I would not have been able to solve them. Till this date, its incomprehensible to me. But its funny, how sometimes, the things work out…

How many times the things don’t work out,they are innumerable, like in everybodys life, so guess, wont make a difference, mentioning them out here.

But yes, believe me, the above caption is perfectly true and fits well in life.
For me, its still funny, how I was able to get through that competitive exam……


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