If you cant be kind, be vague ! ! !

I read this somewhere long way back when I was in school and since that day it has been etched on my mind.

And its so true…….

There has been so many times, when even if you want to, you cant be kind and most of the times, you don’t want to be kind, as you are fed up with that, isn’t it???

For all of us it’s a daily dilemma on a traffic signal, in a public place, sometime at your home, when people come and ask for some or other kind of help, mostly asking for alms… But then what to do??? Be vague……

Well, its not that we don’t want to be kind, its so difficult now-a-days to sense the genunity of the person. But with me the dilemma arises always when I see a kid, and then I am stuck as to what to do, but same is the case on every traffic signal, so what do u do?? Be vague, ie…….

And so far this has solved my dilemmas most of the time, and in the rest, I move on feeling a bit sad, but that’s what life is, isn’t it??? At least, I don’t hurt them and am very careful about it, so folks try to follow this, its one of the things which will make the life easy a bit……..


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