Holi........recaptured! ! !

It might have been after years that I played a bit of Holi, this year. I remember that last time, it was only during my Engg.college days last time I played it in the regular “Holi way”.
I remember in those days, even my shirt getting torn and ripped apart, that’s the way it is played, in the traditional way.
This year, after six years in the job, all these last year of Holi were spent at my home, watching videos and sleeping, preety boring for Holi, but then since Holi is all about company, if you have long list of pals, then its fun, otherwise, you watch videos at home.

On the eve of Holi, I was caught totally unawares by my own team. As I was preparing to move out of the office, I was literally frozen with fear. The entire team was waiting outside with pots of Gulaal of different colours, just waiting to douse all that on me.
Since it has been so many years after my college, so I was very apprehensive, but then I had no choice, If I have to move out of the office, then I got to get myself drenched with the different pots of colour……

Whatever I taught my team, the soft skills, wise patience, perseverance, they were using on me only. They waited outside for almost a couple of hours, displaying the above skills and testing mine!!!!

Finally I knew whats gonna happen, but I had to step outside. And then it was all over me, they surrounded me like a pack of wolves and doused me whatever they had, and I was smeared with Pink, blue, green, yellow colours. It was all over me.
After the initial smearing, they dint leave any opportunity to throw some of the stuff on me.
By the time, my head was full of half an ounce of gulaal and my clothes all rainbow coloured, all my apprehension and fear was gone, rather it was smothered by that pack of wolves, and then I came to my lost form.
I smeared all of them in turn and had my revenge, but then not exactly I guess, as they were more than willing to get smeared by me…..

So the Holi which was lost all these years, was again re-captured. But yes, this all happened on the eve of Holi, the Holi was spent again in the traditional way, watching videos and sleeping………..


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