Surviving without Television !!!

It has been almost 3 months since I have been living without the Idiot- box. The fact is that when I shifted to my new house, the cable connection was not there and since then I could not get it done….

In this age, it would seem so strange that anybody can live without the television and the crap which it shows, we all get addicted to it, but somehow am not missing it. It gives me so much free time to do the things which I thought were impossible, coz, there was no free time from the Idiot-box.

Now since, I don’t watch TV, I can read all the 3 newspapers thoroughly(even the editorial page), I can read the books which I like, I listen to my favourite music and I can spend some time with myself alone( the most difficult time for an executive in these hard pressed time and pressure cooker situation). And yes, I clean my house, keep it tidy, wash utensils, and all this is possible only because I don’t watch TV now –a-days.

Now in fact, I cant recollect even the names of all the channels. I am happy with my music, and my books. Its so much more worthy to spend time with them rather than to stare at that Idiot-box.

Yes, on Sunday, I do watch a couple of movies( Yesterday, I watched Troy and The Great Escape) and just chill.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, we all can survive without the Idiot-box, and believe me the life is certainly more blissful without it…..


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