The reserve football platoon !!!

Football is still the game which is close to my heart, and I am sorry but I dont identify with cricket. Its too much of a slow game, I am sorry if I have offended most of the people of this country, but I dont give a damn!

I loved football and would always and who knows, I raise my last toast to, Manchester United!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game in school and I have written about this earlier also in my blog a couple of times, but enough is not enough, as far as my memories for this game goes, and its not a game. Its religion, its life, its everything!

How often do you find yourself in a time-bound situation of 90 minutes, to deliver on your goal, to fight and crush a tough opponent, to win, to not to lose???Thats the best part of this game, you dont have time, and still, you ought to win, coz it matters more than life and death.....

Well, in my school days, as I mentioned earlier, we played, within our class, leftists v/s rightist. Though I loved the game so much, but I was not a very active player, and most of my life I was the goal-keeper of the team.

There are some obvious advantages of being a goal-keeper, you get to see the entire show,you know the oppositions tactics and their players who are playing well and most important, from a distance you can analyze all the information and put together the puzzle. And yes, the truth was that, I was never a good forward player. But yes, Even as a goal-keeper I have scored a few goals in my school days. The goal-keeper can technically roam till the D of the opposition.
So though, I was never a forward player, I saw that I never miss even a slim chance of scoring!

We had a reserve platoon, in our school days, which along with myself was stationed at the goal-post and would move out during the times of crisis. And for the rest of the period, myself, Amit, Kaushik and sometime Tiddi and Bhiku would discuss everything under the sun.

The necessity for the reserve platoon arised becaused the rightist had some good forward players, who were burly and were not easily stoppable once they got going. The only option was to keep in reserve 3 to 4 persons along with the goalkeeper who can stop their assault.

The mandate given to them was to throw themselves at the forwards and lie in front of the ball, if everything else fails. So the platoon, would throw themselves one by one, and then it would be my turn, the last ditch attempt....I have forgotten how many times my ankles and knee got bruised, but none of us ever faltered from jumping in front of the ball.

The reserve platoon never wasted the time, either it was always brainstorming or would be charging towards opposition as soon as the ball was near the D. Sometimes, it was very funny situation, with 3 to 4 of our reserves would charge toward the oppostiton forward player and the guy, who had so successfully kept the ball with himself, would lose it.

The platoon always had the different war-cries,some of them would be not mentionable here also, and most of the times, they were successful. Sometimes, we would be so engrossed in discussion and doing calculations on a paper that the ball is near D and then we would see it and by then the damage is done!

So that was our reserve platoon,It continued for a couple of years, we saved too many goals and discussed to many problems during that time, and there was never an idle moment between us. We would fight over a problem or a solution but as soon as the ball will be sighted, it would be no less than a lightning charge.

Not a good idea of saving goals but we had fun!


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