My home ! ! !

Dad got the possession of the flat which he bought about a year and a half ago. We did the Pooja day before yesterday as per the tradional rights.

I was not there when that place was selected , so the first time when I went to see the placed, I was a bit apprehensive that how the place would be, since its one of the biggest thing for a middle-class family to purchase their own house…..

I liked the place and the surroundings on the face-value itself. Its surrounded by open place with farm land around it ( I don’t know till what time it would be there, but as of now it looks good). And yes, the Mula river can also be seen from the huge balcony(though its not a pleasant sight when you venture near, but it looks decent from the flat).

Its so different from a flat in Mumbai where I live, its so soothing and calm, from the daily hustle-bustle and madness. I guess it’s the best place to live, when you are tired and just want to re-cap your energies.

We all know that its not easy to adjust to a new place , and that too when you got to stay over there for a couple of days( As per the ritual, you had to stay overnight). I have spent almost 2 years of my life in different hotels, in Maharastra and Punjab, and each night which I spent in hotel, it was very different to get a good night sleep, eventhough however tired you are!

So when I was asked to stay over that place , I knew that I had to bid-time counting the stars( The best thing is that at night you can see the stars also, which you cant do at least in Mumbai). But the strangest thing is that, I was at ease with the place right from the moment one.

It has never been so ever in my life, that I have been at so ease at a new place. It`s strange. May be the place has got to do something, or may be the Pooja that we did in the morning, but it was very calm and serene, there was no un-easiness.

So I love the place and finally we have got a home which is our own, and yes, there is fresh air also………….


Anonymous said…
congrats!all the best

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